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Company statement

Sustainability, environmental and social standards

Sustainability means:
Sustainable concepts describe the use of a regenerative system in a way that substantial characteristics remain.

Conferring this to our company Koenig Backmittel means to make it our business to treat the natural resources provided by the environment with responsibility to insure further maximum possible extent.

We expressly point out these requirements and principles to our suppliers and producers in the origin countries to offer our future generation the possibility to use and take care of these resources. Our management is obliged to use all means to meet this business policy.

Programs of our pre suppliers of raw materials- almonds from California

The community of the Californian almond growers is being represented by the Almond Board of California.
The California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP)
was started to better understand the sustainability measures used by the farmers to the following aspects:

The by-products of the Californian almond production cause only a very small degree of waste. The almond trees and the water that is being used for cultivation, produce two different commodities on their own: The shell, which is being used for animal food and therefore reduction of water and area needed for cultivation of forage plants like hay and alfalfa as well as the skin that is being used as life stock bedding and alternative source of energy in particleboard plants.

Future investments of the Almond Board of California:
ABC invests $4.7 million for next gen almond farming, sustainability Targeted research areas include a triple focus – irrigation efficiency, honeybee health, and air quality. Gabriele Ludwig, ABC’s director of sustainability and environmental affairs, says the commitment “helps ensure that almond farmers and the industry as a whole have the tools to implement sustainable production practices that result in a plentiful, nutritious and safe food product for consumers the world over to enjoy.” ABC’s financial investment will fund 82 independent, third-party research projects. Additional funds for the projects will come from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s 2016 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, and the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program. Targeted research areas will include a triple focus – irrigation efficiency, honeybee health, and air quality. Almond Board Chief Executive Officer Richard Waycott says, “By continually investing in research, we challenge ourselves to do more and continue to pave the way for almonds to be an economically, environmentally, and social responsible crop for California.”

Hazelnuts from Turkey

Due to the special structure of the Turkish cultivation of hazelnuts with its countless amount of more or less big farmers and plantations the government is hardly taking a look regarding sustainability. The cultivation itself is rather natural, without much addition of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. The hazelnut tree is basically left to his own and the natural processes.

Our Company Koenig Backmittel GmbH & Co.KG certainly takes part in the major project which was initiated by the European Confectionary Association CAOBISCO in 2013. The International Labor Organization (ILO) Public Partnership Project, led by CAOBISCO and ILO is destined to fight against the seriously bad conditions regarding child labor during the harvest.

You will find details under::

Being a long term member in the German Confectionary Association we are dedicated to its position. The association published the following document regarding this serious matter, which you will find here.

Actually there are only a few UTZ-certified suppliers in Turkey. The appropriate area of cultivation is still limited but increases.

80 years family business with social responsibility

Social standards

We commit ourselves and our partners to a strict observance of human and labor rights, as well as zero tolerance concerning child and forced labor.
We are pursuing the principles of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative):

  1. Adherence of: national laws and requirements, minimum industrial standards, ILO and UN conventions
  2. Freedom of assembly and the right to collective bargaining (in accordance with the ILO-conventions 87,98,135 and 154)
  3. Prohibition of any discrimination (ILO-convention 100, 111, 143 ,158 and 159)
  4. Payment of fair wages (ILO-convention 26 and 131)
  5. Adherence of national working-hours-acts (ILO-convention 1 and 14)
  6. Health and security at the place of work (ILO-convention 155 and ILO-recommendation 164 and 190)
  7. Prohibition of child labor (ILO-convention 79, 138, 142 und 182 and ILO-recommendation 146)
  8. Prohibition of forced work and disciplinary sanctions (ILO-convention 29 and 105)
  9. Environment and security matters must conform with the legal regulations or even exceed them
  10. Anticorruption

We expect the highest level of integrity in all our business activities and relations. Any type of corruption, bribery, black mailing and embezzlement are strictly prohibited.

Sustainability concept

Koenig Backmittel has been dedicated to protect the environment ever since. We particularly take care to ensure that all laws concerning environment and energy that apply to us, are being followed. Many internal measures (technical and organizational) have been implanted to ensure sustainability and to protect resources like energy, commodities, recyclable materials and water

Reduction of power consumption:

  • We are using the waste heat of our air compressors to additionally heat our production area
  • We carefully plan our production to reduce energy wasting idle times to a minimum amount
  • The production hall lighting is equipped with energy saving fluorescent lamps and natural daylight is used in all possible areas
  • The changeover to LED-lighting has partially taken place
  • Dark radiators guarantee the heating of the production halls. They have the advantage to directly heat the spotlighted surface area and not the air itself, which is especially energy saving
  • Our computer system is equipped with the GREEN selection, 0-Watt-Technology and a power supply with an efficiency of nearly 92%. Therefore the use of power is reduced to the lowest level
  • We put special attention to our logistic planning by trying to avoid empty runs. This we also expect from our forwarders. When placing orders we prefer returnees

Reduction of commodities:

  • The processes in the production are optimized in a way that much less than 0,02% of the goods produced must be declared as waste and need to be disposed.

Recovery of recyclable materials:

  • Waste results to most parts from packing material of the delivered raw materials. In relation to the total amount of waste, our disposal companies are able to recycle 95%.
  • We separate and collect plastic foil, wood, carton, paper and compostable goods which are also being recycled
  • In consultation with our customers we use packing materials to insure the least possible waste to the consumer. This protects the environment as well

Reduction of water consumption:

  • Within our realization of Hygienic Design we analyzed weak points at our engineerings where cleanability of materials, surfaces and constructive elements needs to be guaranteed. In this context we were able to optimize the Hygienic Design, improve the internal standard of hygiene and parallel to this reduce the necessary consumption of water (extensive, elaborate cleanings are not necessarily needed anymore). For the most part there are no heavy soilings anymore and those that still exist, can be easily cleaned with small amounts of water. Our water consumption is very low (< average in the confectionary industry)
  • Our cleaning detergents are environmentally compatible und for the most part biodegradable
  • Especially water is a scarce resource in those countries where hazelnuts are being cultivated. That’s why we are very pleased about all measures taken to effectively use water and to avoid waste of water in the origin countries who are supplying us with raw commodities


Therefor sustainable handling is a long term and strategic factor of success. We continually are searching alternative ways to improve the environmental situation in our company.

For the future we decided to continue this concept for example checking the technical possibilities of heat recirculation to further decrease the CO² emission.

We further expect that our suppliers ensure that these standards are also being followed by their sub contractors and suppliers. They are requested to forward all these guidelines to all participants in their supply chains and to actively support compliance.

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