Product Overview

Germ reduced products

For a long time is known among microbiologists, pharmacists and food technologists that it can be sterilized with condensing full steam best.

Disadvantages of earlier procedures:

An irregular temperature distribution, as well as negative impairments (taste, texture, colour) by heat effecting the product.

Our pure natural steam / vacuum procedure, basing on the pharmaceutical sterilisation- technology, has solved all these problems. The process eliminates yeasts, mould, E-coli, enterobacteriae and coliform germs can be reduced down to a total plate count < 1.000 cbu/g, besides, even spores and their enzymes are inactivated to 98% and more.

With conformal storage is this one sterilization process which can extend shelf-life of the nuts clearly.

  • NO radiation
  • NO toxic gases
  • NO chemicals
  • No risky materials for the consumer, manufacturer, and the environment

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